Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Academy Awards!!!

Ok . it is the time of the year again. Yes, there's the golden horseys ... and the Golden Globes .... but nothing quite keep the blood pumping like the Oscars Academia!!!

This year, there are so many good movies .. mostly are not big money rakers and that's quite something. This goes to say that this year's Academy will honor some works for their true artistic merits, not merely based on some popularity votes. That's not to say popular = bad. It is just sad that there were years when too many good films go unnoticed just because they didn't look quite as glitzy.

Now this year's forerunners (in no order of preference) are:

1) Aviator
2) Million Dollar Baby
3) Ray
4) Hotel Rwanda
5) Sideways

I have watched everyone of them except Sideways and I must say they all were very very good. They are all winners in my opinion and if you haven't caught them, please do so I urge you. These movies are not exactly uplifting types, but they all celebrate the power of human determination and the will do make a difference in their own and/or in other people's lives. Except Sideways which is a comedy drama, but is also very highly rated by Roger Ebert, my favourite movie critic.

Who am I rooting for? Million Dollar Baby. Hillary Swank delivered a knockout performance (no pun intended) once again and Clint Eastwood delivered too, as a man caught in a very very difficult situation. However I got a feeling the big prize is going to the Aviator - and I won't have any complains either. Great story telling and great performance by Leo. And also Jamie Foxx in Ray was astounding!!! .... and Hotel Rwanda is such a powerful film ... aw!! .. Guys ... this year's Oscars got some of the best stories ever.

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