Monday, March 21, 2005

It's been a while!

Wooo wee ....

It has been quite a while since my last posting ... ahahhah ... lotsa things been going on and sucking the time and life juice out of me. So what's been keeping me bz bz ?? Now in no particular order .. here goes:

1) Moved to a new place. Yes boys and girls! I am now happily relocated to Upper Thomson Peirce View Apts. So any of you dudes and dudettes looking for a kaki to supper with, you just call my hotline #96945061.

2) Restuarant got on TV last week. That means business boom. ... But even before the Tv show started, this has been an incredibly BZ month. Can't really complain about that :P

3) Been trying to rush to get my script finalized. And I yes it is done! .... I am quite pleased with the changes to "the Black box". Those interested to have a read, shoot me an email to ask for it. If not, just wait for the short film on it to come out in July :) ... Will start principal shooting next month. So excited!!!

4) Getting ready to re-start my life. Running errands for pple ... My free time is being re-allocated to do other pple's stuffs ... I am truly drained.

Well, that's about sums up the past few weeks. The moving part was definitely tough. Moving forward the next few weeks. Gonna start my midnight jogging routine again and start nourishing my body with better care. Its been neglected for way too long.

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