Monday, March 21, 2005

Dee Veee Dees

Hmmm .... I shouldn't be spending so much money on DVDs ... but the words "Limited Edition" and "Collector's Edition" always have an indescribable effect on me. An exceptionally strong allure :P ... Oh what a sucker ...

Now here goes my latest splurges:

1) Ghandi Special Edition. - Gold case - should be the first print. The subsequent ones are all with black DVD cases. Oh.... pretty :P

2) Rain Man Special Edition - with a transparent clear sleeve. First print too. OOOOh ...

3) Kung Fu Hustle Collector's Gift Set - I got 3 of them hoping to sell them on ebay, but got pulled cos Sony contacted me saying that I have violated their piracy act and that they are the only authorized entity to sell that item in US. I say Screw them. Gonna relist it and see what they'll do to me. But if you guys are interested, let me know. There's only 5000 pieces in the world and it is very cool - with a leather case, and an embossed palm print, as well as other goodies.

4) JFK Special 2 disc editon - this not only contains the Director's cut of the magnificent movie, it also contains tons of extras. Nice :)

Now on my wishlist:
1) Donnie Darko Director's Cut
2) Ray Limited 2 disc edition
3) Infernal Affairs 8 disc edition
4) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Collector's 2 disc edition - Loved this movie ...... "Oh my darling oh my darling clementine"

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evgenia said...

buy more la! then i can buy all your old dvds at 5bucks per disc! =P

and respond to your last entry! woohooo! new place! new life! new beginning! and you mean you've been running others' errands? not fair! cos u havent run mine yet!daanzz.

cya when i come back from germany! wohooohooo.