Monday, January 31, 2005

The Aviator and Hotel Rwanda

2 great movies in 1 weekend ...

Let's start with Aviator. Leonardo Dicaprio delivered an incredible performance. This movie kinda reminded me of "Citizen Kane" and that's a good thing. Citizen Kane was a masterpiece, and so is this movie. Leo plays Howard Hughes, a genius who is only constrained by the limits of his physical/mental capacity, as well as the people around him. He stresses out the people working for him due to his inexhaustible flame of creativity, but what those people do not realize, is that he stresses out himself even more. Finally you see his body/mind breaking down due to the incapability to sustain his passion and Leonardo did a wonderful job portraying this suffering genius. Please watch this film as this is one truly great performance by a highly talented actor.

Hotel Rwanda, is a true story based on a genocide that occurred 10 years ago. 1 million people were killed in a span of 100 days and it is truly horrific to learn that racial "cleansing" can still happen in our generation. This is the story of Hotel Milles Collines and its manager, Paul. It is the story of a modern day "Oskar Schindler" and it is truly gripping. The story told of how the inaction of people, can cause the death of so many. This is a movie that spurs people to action, and not just sit back and read/watch news - but to act upon it. Because people's lives depend on it.

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