Thursday, January 13, 2005

US gives up search for WMD

Ok, the news is in. No Weapons of Mass Destruction. Period. Before the invasion, it was all the shoddy facts and evidence they claimed to support it. Right now, after the invasion, after winning the US election, after the death toll of 1350 American troops with 10000 wounded, our dear Mr Bush still has nothing in his hands. But wait, he still has the world in his hands, he still stands as the president of the only country in the world with the capability to nuke the world, and he has proven how easy it is to convince 1/2 of America with cleverly constructed media.

U.S. Wraps Up Search for Banned Weapons in Iraq

I anticipate this to be the next topic to be mentioned by Jon Stewart to create some laughs. But, what the American people would be laughing, would be at their own gullibility. So is Mr Bush going to apologize to the Americans who has fought so hard for the war that was unjustified, or to the Iraqis who's lives have been shattered due to this invasion? Somehow I can sense a spin doctor working his magic behind the scenes now. Let's wait for the drama to unfold ... :)

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