Monday, January 03, 2005

Celebration of Music

Songs = Music + Lyrics

Music is like the body and the lyrics make up the soul. Through the melody, the music takes shape. Through the lyrics, the music is given thoughts and meaning.

It is incredible that through the vibrations of the air, frequencies can be tuned and fashioned. The patterns of sounds composed become a melody. The melody of sounds can be arranged in an infinite number of ways and like a piece of art, it is an expression of one's feelings - be it happiness or sadness.

The lyrics of a song, serves to add meaning to a melody. The melody can be on its own, but the lyrics add to it a personality, and gives it a character. The lyrics can be the description of the melody or it can be the face of the body. It can be shaped to fit the melody, to enhance it or even deface it.

Great songs are usually a combination of great melody and beautiful lyrics. I love true artists who does both and excel.

Now what is this blog entry all about?? Well, guess really about nothing. I just felt inspired to write about this because I was listening to a new CD box set I just bought. It is a collection of songs by different artists from 11 record companies, all written by the venerable James Wong. These songs written by him are truly truly great. If you understand Mandarin and Cantonese, you should really give this box set a go. The lyrics are masterful and the melodies show how versatile he really is. The death of James Wong has brought for the first time the collaboration of 11 record companies and that speaks volumes about the kind of respect he gathers in the industry.

Now how about the English music industry, who do I prefer? Sting. Go read the lyrics of his songs - they read like poetry without even the music to accompany them. Why Should I Cry For You? Fields of Gold... and many more. And his music? He is an extremely talented fellow who tries different genres and styles of music for each of his albums. He never bores. He is also coming to Singapore for a concert on January 10th. So go get a ticket and get lost in his music. :)

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Sylvia said...

Ever read the Chinese novel "Xin1 Shen1"? The passing of one musician may one day inspire many more to take his place. It's a matter of perception.

Don't think about past unhappinesses too much. You have your health, friends, business, dreams to pursue and even family to look forward to.

Life is all a matter of perception. Used to think I have the worst parents (I have to sudy hard, urgh) and siblings (why were we squabble about makeup?!!) when I was a child (haha, definitely not true!) Now, they are the bestest people in my life.

Actually, I just stumbled into your website. Old acquaintence.