Thursday, January 20, 2005

Thoughts of the past week

I haven't updated the blogs with my "deep thoughts" of late. Mostly interesting articles that I've read, but that's all. Well I'll admit, it is easier to post those. Take up less time. So for the fans of my ramblings, sorry :P. Really who reads my blog anyways. So today, I've decided to write in a more freeform way. Whatever comes to my mind.

Ok, so I went to Sting's concert last Monday. Awesome!!!! This guy rocks my world. His music, his words, his works. Beautiful. And I got a feeling this might be the last time I am gonna see him live, so I tried to breathe in every air of the atmosphere, and soak into the ambience of the night. It was nice of him to remember coming back to Singapore 10 years ago, and I wonder how many of the people in the indoor stadium that night was like me thinking "I was there ..." :). Was kinda worried if the friend I was bringing will enjoy the show since she knew nuts about his music - "I only knew the stalker song ...". Now she knows a bit more about the shape of his heart and this englishman who spent sometime in NY. :)

Talking God. This was a "spiritual" week for me. Talked alot about Religion, God, Buddhism, Tarot blah blah .... with a bunch of people who were very much touched by HIM. Reminded me of the time when I was bashing Mac users and eventually became a Mac User myself. I think my friend was right, I am pretty closed though how open I claim myself to be. I should probably extend the kind of openness to God and way I opened my heart to Buddhism. I started reading the Bible again - this time, using my heart. I started praying everynight, like I did when I was small. Strange things have been happening. I think I am gonna be eating my words again.

Feeling sorry for Buddha. Now this is weird having me talk about Buddhism after talking about God. Cos I kinda feel bad for Buddha that the theories of "LIFE" and "PERSPECTIVES" that he had taught, has transformed into joss sticks toddling and idol worshipping traditions. Whatever happened to the "Middle way" and the "8 fold path"? Well, it has since become "the extreme ways" and "8 ways of burning papers". :P Well well, seems like enlightenment is the last thing on these people's minds now.

Ok ... so talking about how I was a Mac Basher? ... Now I am sooo in love with Macs. After so many years of being made fun of as a Mac User, I am so happy to see Apple kicking ass these days. Latest Toys from the Appleland? Let's start with the iPod Shuffle. Very Cool Very Small and Creative is gonna start peeing in their pants again. Granted it has no screen, but it is as small as a thumbdrive, almost like a chewing gum strip, and it is very clean looking. Oh man I am a sucker for clean designs. Clean and simple. Mac mini is another apple truimph. This machine will make tons of converts. This little computer will fly off the shelves cos why? It is simple, clean, and cheap. No .. cheap is not a good word to use. Inexpensive. YESSSS :)

Now another of cool toy recently acquired. Resident Evil 4. Awesome Game ... totally blew my mind. I wish the rest of the PS2 and Xbox world would just wake up and get themselves a Gamecube. This game is truly one of the best, most immersive I have ever experienced on any platform. :) The graphics .... are also top notch. Wow .. just awesome .... can't wait to play it when I go home tonight.

Too much money lost. Ok ... 3 weekends of mahjong has had a toll on my health and pocket. Gonna stop this week. I haven't watched a movie in a few weeks ... time to hit the movie theaters soon. What's showing now? Alfie, Aviator, damn ... too many good shows .... gonna have to choose. Do I have to choose?? Argh ...


Anonymous said...

Siao, write so muh rubbish..all the stuffs i noe one..and it's even more siao that i am reading through your RUBBISH! =P KILL ME!

Anonymous said...

opps, forget to leave my name.

JANET GOH! muahahah!