Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Englishman In Singapore

Last night, I went to the Sting's concert. It was a great experience. I think this time, the crowd was better than it was 10 years ago. Here we are looking at a 54 year old man ("virile" old man in my friend's own words), who is able to get an entire sold out concert full of people to stand and dance to his music throughout most of the night. Read: Throughout Most of the concert. And this is not the teeny booper crowd we're talking. These are folks ranging ages twenties to forties and fifties. Many of these people are his fans, and it was a very surreal feeling, just listening to the crowd singing along with him.

Here's hoping there's many more years of great music from him. He's inspired millions and I hope there'll be many more. Well he has made at least one new fan out of the friend I brought along.

Personal recommendation:
1) Why Should I Cry For You?
2) All This Time
3) Fields of Gold
4) Shape of my Heart
5) Englishman in New York
6) Ghost Story
.... there are really too many :)

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