Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tokyo, Singapore, and KL ....

This is a very interesting read. I was reading up ipods and accessories when I came upon this special report in ilounge, tracking his travelling experiences in Tokyo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Though this is a site mainly about "ipods", and this trip was a report about ipod sightings in these countries, he had devoted a page specifically to the experience of the 3 asian countries in general.

I was pleasantly surprised that he found Singapore the best in terms of food experience. Especially when most of my Malaysian friends tend to complain that Singapore's foods are too "sanitized" and not as tasty as those in KL. And this remark even more interesting since I've only been to KL once and long to see more of KL in the food arenas.

As for the blue dessert, hmmm I do beg to defer ... but I guess something like that do catch your eye ... especially if you are from the West. ;)

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