Monday, January 02, 2006

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe - 83%

Whether I write a good or bad review of this film, doesn't matter. I figured millions are going to flock to this film regardless. So I took my time, and watched the film last weekend after like 1/2 the world has watched it, and sat on it somemore ... before decdiing to write this review. Actually this holiday season has made me so bloody sloppy I was wondering if I even wanna write this review.

But well what the heck. I'll write some thoughts on it. You'd probbaly be able to find a gazillion reviews on this film already. Most of them are positive I'll tell you. And well, they are mostly right. This is a good movie. Story is based on C.S. Lewis book Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe (damn I hate the long title), about this bunch of kids (2 brothers and 2 sisters) who stumbled upon a wardrobe that brings them to a land called "Narnia", where they are prophecised to bring peace and destroy the White Witch. Now I heard that there's a lot of Christian undertones to this film and I did notice a very very obvious one. I am sure anyone who is familar with Jesus' story of sacrificing his life for the sins of Man, and then coming back to life, would find the reference very easily. There might be more, but I wasn't watching out for every single references out there to link Christianity with this movie - I was just gonna enjoy the movie, and enjoyed it I did.

The little sister Lucy was brilliantly casted, and the little girl who played the role, brought so much life and energy to this film. The best parts of the film were largely carried by her natural interpretation of the role and she seemed like she was enjoying her role so much, the audience just can't help but be influenced by the enthusiasm when she discovered "Narnia". Audience also feels her hurt when no one believed her, and the audience will also feel her joy when she is happy. She brings much emotions to the film without making it feels forced and it makes the fantasy in the film even more believable.

So what's not to like about the film? Well, maybe because it is a little overhyped? And I am kinda glad that I didn't get too exposed to the marketing, so my expectations wasn't raised. Plus the fact that I have not read the book, should make my review a little bit more objective I guess. The story, really wasn't that "great". It is kinda silly if you think about it. I mean, a wardrobe that is a portal to another world? It makes Harry Potter almost seem more plausible - at least it is a "hidden magical world" in Potterland; even "Oz" seemed like it is more logical. "Narnia"'s story is more ridiculous in the "plausibility" aspect. And if you do not take into the bliblical references that it tried to make, the resurrection of the lion and the reason Aslan provided seemed rather lame too. But hey, a fantasy is a fantasy - and at least this one has biblical reference(s). So for a fantasy movie, it is well done.

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