Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Curry favor's been browned! :)

Hey hey ... Curry Favor's been browned ... :)
Now how cool is that. ;)
man that totally made my day :)



tscd said...

The food at Curry Favor is excellent! You should be proud.

Anonymous said...


did not know it was yours...

I went there last week as my Japanese friend told me: best japanese curry in Singapore.

My boyfriend and I liked it very much.

Signed: a fussy French

Anonymous said...

now you've been rambled!

thank you so much for your great service. kudos to that very patient and attentive waitress. sorry we kept yammering pass closing time.

will be back for more yummy curry!


Edric Hsu said...

Hey hey buddy, I agree your curry is very yummy!! I er... really likee!! =P
Will be back for more!