Tuesday, January 24, 2006

observations at dinner ....

The camera in the cellphone is a great invention. And me being in a quirky mood last night decided to take some pictures of some people at chomp chomp cos they stand out .. and deserve some special mentions :)

Ok the first beautiful peoples to be featured .... drumroll please ... Tada ... 4 huge assed personnels who decided that a 8 seater would be best for their special needs. Good job. I bet those standing around looking for seats must be really glad to see at least some big assed idiots get to have excess space around them. Whatever ...Let's move on ...

Ok now the next one. I have the grand fortune to be seating next to them! Here I see a table of 4 seating down with their nice bags taking up 1/3 of the table next to theirs. Ok then I tried and see if they can take a hint. "Excuse me, is this table taken?" They looked around in bewilderment for a few sec and then say "nope!". I said "Thanks!" .... and sat down with my friend. and we waited ... and waited ... until our foods satrted arriving and yet their precious plastic bags full of goldbars are still taking 1/3 of our table.

Here's another shot of our table - 1/3 with their precious bags ... and with our Stingray .... :)

And finally ... who will take home the coveted award of "Excellence in Crappy Behavior at Chomp Chomp"?? Drumroll please .... and more drama!!! ..... Swirling music!!!

And yes .... if you're wondering how come there are only seats on one side of the 2 tables? Well simply cos these 2 tables are for the disabled. These 2 couples did a great job at pretending that no one are looking. Well, the couple further away from my camera is an angmoh and his pregnant asian wife. Maybe that count as 1/2-abled ... which may be a tad forgiveable lah .. let's not be so mean. ;)

And finally the big ass mug of sugar cane drink that made the night. :)


v.s. said...

im surprised you didnt also see the 'tissue choping' behaviour. last time i was at singtel comcenter at lunch time ... about 70% of the seats were empty -- BUT there was a tissue or umbrella on the empty seats !! i mean wtf!?!

Xia_mi_mi said...

Well..its quite irritating to see so many ungracious ppl ard..so much for the nututring of a gracious society in s'pore..haiz.... =S