Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Woman wants it from your heart! :D

F = Female
M = Male

F: Where should we go tonight?

M: Anywhere lah

F: Is there a a particular thing you wanna do tonight?

M: Not really.

F: Why you sound so sian like that, you don't like to go out with me isit?

M: No no ... just tired don't really want think about it. Anywhere is fine with me.

F: What would you do if we're not going out tonight?

M: Don't know ... maybe go watch soccer with some friends and have some beer lor.

F: So that's what you really want to do isit?

M: No .. you ask me what ...

F: Then you go and hang out with your friends lah ...

M: But I promise to hang out with you tonight and I will

F: But if you don't want to you don't have to. Don't have to force yourself

M: No lah, I really want to spend time with you ok?

F: Nevermind lah. You go ahead lah. I'll meet you another time.

M: Oh .... ok. I'll make my own plans then.

F: HHMMPH!!! (Gets angry)

M: What now??

F: I ask you to go join your friends, you really go!

M: ya what! .. you told me you don't want to meet tonight what!

F: I wanted to see if you truly want to be with me mah!? I want it to come from your heart!

M: I told you I really want to spend time with you what?!?

F: But it is not from your heart!

M: What!??! It is lah ... walau! how to prove?

F: You failed my test liao. What's there to prove?

M: Test?? Narbey ...

F: Now you scold me!?!??

M: No! ... What the Fuck (to himself) ...

F: I heard that!!!

M: What!?!? I don't mean ... Argghh!! Why are you so unreasonable?

F: What you so loud? Why you so angry? So I am unreasonable now lah?!?



Bitchy Witchy said...

Somehow, there is no winning this argument, my friend. Women are confounding that way, as I should know.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about this: Man has 2 heads but woman has 2 mouths. Man is normally more brainy and woman is more talkative. Man will never understand why most woman behaves this way. This is fun, however.