Thursday, October 25, 2007

Microsoft took a bite of Facebook

What the F@$$#@!! Why must Microsoft dip their freaking fingers into everything cool and fresh and innovative that isn't theirs??! When I read the news that Microsoft dumped $240million into facebook, I flipped. Wasn't it just a month ago the CEO of facebook claimed that they wish to be independent for at least a few more years?? ... sigh ....

But further read into the article, it appears this 240million translate to just a 1.6% stake, and it makes MS the exclusive 3rd party advertising partner. So it doesn't seem too bad right? Actually, I think this is just a sign of things to come. I really hate facebook to be too heavily tainted with Microsoft's influences, as they usually have a knack for fucking up the market they usually come into. They are very good at copying, not innovating, and that is not a healthy business practice for any firm. See how the browser market came to a halt in development after netscape fell? See how they basically bought and copied their way into the console market? Lucky for Nintendo, the console market had a new lease of life. See how they attempted to enter the MP3 market with their oh so innovative player? How about the lame Windows CE > Pocket PC > Windows Mobile attempts to "revolutionize" the market in the years before Apple came along with their iPhone to change everything? Sigh ....

I love innovators and companies, like Apple and Nintendo and Google which always innovate their ways, break rules and create new ones to survive. And how I hate it when Microsoft comes in to basically buy their way into these new markets created by the innovators. And it is even sadder when the innovative competitors die when the big boys come and eat them up - it is like great ideas being thrown into a grave and buried.

Ok ... back to attacking Zombies and Vampires on my facebook :D

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Mockingbird said...

You mean if you're the founder of Facebook, you would not be moved or swayed by Microsoft's US$240m offer?

Personally, i can't resist such a lucrative offer :p