Thursday, October 25, 2007

Very bad influences :D

So all of a sudden, my childhood idol cancelled his show and I won't get to see his show this time round. And for what reasons??! WTF .. he's being investigated for rape??! .... this is very disturbing. I mean this is David Copperfield! .. He's the coolest 51 year old (well other than Sting) alive! And what? .. He stalks young women??

See this is like one of my influences when I was young. I started doing magic when I was in Primary school partly because of this dude. I mean c'mon when you watch his TV specials, he's the man with all the hotties!! :D Well, that's not the only motivation of course, I really like magic cos it brings laughter and joy into people's lives, and brings people together, give people hope, save the world blah blah blah ... whatever :D Well I am a huge fan. I watched him twice in Singapore, once in Detriot and another time in Pittsburgh.

But this news of FBI investigation into his possible rape of a woman in Bahamas brought out a string of accusations that includes how during his tours, he's been stalking and tracking down hot young women. Interestingly, I actually heard of such reports and rumors even before this FBI investigation started, and I thought to myself "walau ... cannot be lah. He can get anyone he wants, he even got Claudia Schiffer"! But since this FBI thingy investigation started, I am beginning to suspect that the so called rumors might actually be true.

Sigh ... and this made me look back at my early influences since I was a young kid and I realised a few of my favourites are fallen angels these days. KNN. Michael Jackson - Pedophile. George Michael - Gay caught soliciting oral sex in toilet. And now David Copperfield - Sex offender. And lemme see how they have influenced me? ... I love dancing, music, magic and ... helping out at children charities and orphanages .... shit I don't wanna know where this is going ... :D

So much for my influences .... :D How the great have fallen :D

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Bitchy Witchy said...

You are a fallen angel in the making, my least you'll be mildly famous for something...heh