Monday, April 02, 2007

Am I really back?

Ok now it's been quite a long long while since I've updated my blog ... and I think it is about time I account for my absence.

Many many things have happened in the past 6mths and they have kept life for me extremely exciting, but also stressful at the same time. I had to set my priorities and give up some stuffs.

The major event .. my Short film Blood Ties :
1) Chosen as 1 of 12 filmmakers for Panasonic MDA film festival competition.
2) Had to write, cast, produce, shoot and direct "Blood Ties"
3) Screened Publicly at Picturehouse in January :)
4) Won 3rd Prize :D .... Yipeee!!! (
5) Film is official selection for Rebel Planet of Hollywood Short Film Fest.. double Yaye!!!! (
6) Film is selected by Singapore Film Commission for submission to Cannes. (Just for submission .. that's all)

Then of course, there are other things that kept me busy ...
1) Numerous Wedding Videos ... This is the biggest source of my stress and headaches.
2) HK Film Mart ( .. FUN FUN FUN
3) More Wedding Videos ...
4) and then more wedding videos ...
5) Then there are other things which i can recall right now ... but mostly headaches from some business related ventures as well.
6) Moving house .... those pple who has moved house knows the kinda work involved.
7) Then the usual women woes :D .... My unlucky streaks with Christian girls :D

Ok ok ... the thing is .. now that my wedding stuffs are almost cleared, and I am rebooting to go on to new projects that will shake the earth ... (my earth at least :D) .. I probably will be able to find sometime to update my blog now and then. :) So to all the readers who likes to read abt my rant :D .... sorry for the hiatus again :D

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