Sunday, November 12, 2006

In Inconvenient Truth - 87%

Now its been a while since I've posted anything. Reviews, commentaries, anything. Is this site winding down? I would say no, but whether I would keep posting blogs at the rate that I used to would be in question. The past few months had been so busy, I needed to fully focus on the jobs that I was working on. Specifically a short film that I am involved in. Pre-production, production and right now in post production. Drinking from the hose is the term I will use to describe the past 3 months. I have learnt so much that I wouldn't have if I didn't subject myself to the hell and fire that I've been through. I am glad to say that it is all for the better. The year is coming to an end, and the most recent project is the toughest, yet best thing to have happened to me in the past year.

So back to the review of this documentary. The truth is out there at the theaters, and I urge everyone to see it. Those of you who has heard warning and horror stories about the effects of Greenhouse and our depleting ozone layer and choose to look away, should really stop lying to yourselves and face the music. Katrina, Aceh, climate changes, hurricanes, they all may appear to have come relatively frequent these days haven't they? And it is no accidents. I strongly urge all to view this documentary to learrn about the truth and start facing the conscience. I admit to having become complacent (and being pure lazy) to issues which I always thought "someone else would do a better job at". Then it dawned upon me that it is not up to someone else to save this only planet of ours, we all are responsible for her well being.

The film is based on a slideshow that Mr Al Gore, the ex- vice-President of the US under the Clinton Administration, has been showing across the States and different countries around the world. He has show this slideshow at least a 1000 times he claims. Al Gore's own upbringing and his life experiences (son's near death accident, his professor in college etc) are inter-cut between the slide presentation, and it helps us to understand how he came to make spreading the message about our Mother Earth in jeopardy his life mission.

If there's any film that is I would consider the most important to watch this year, this would be it. Put away your prejudices you may have against this man and listen to what he has to say. You may do more research on what he says. The most important thing is to make sure you do not turn away, because the truth will never be unveiled unless you quest for it.

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