Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why must an asshole be the reason?

Sigh ... haven't been updating my blog, but who knows, it has to take an unreasonable asshole to drive me to it.

Just about 15min ago, I was driving round this carpark looking for a lot. It is a very small carpark, and it is one way, meaning you can enter the carpark through 1 entrance, and by the time you have made the round to the end of the carpark, you have to turn out of it. Since it is almost like a roundabout, many drivers just into the 1-way lane which would place them in the opp. direction of the lane. Being a small carpark, I've seen many people just do that and everyone would understand being that it doesn't cause much inconvenience to anyone having the lanes rather huge.

So what happened? I have been circling in the carpark, and so happens this guy just entered and saw one other guy leaving. Being, the 1st comes 1st rule, and the fact that the carpark is so small, I figured that this guy would let me have that lot. But when he stopped next to the car exiting I suspected that he just might be the assholic Singaporean drivers, or he sincerely had missed seeing me.

So when the other car left, he conveniently dived into that lot although my car was also just waiting by the side. Fine. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and walked over to his car, and told him nicely, "Hello, sorry, but I was waiting for a lot for a while already." ...

He said "but you're on the wrong direction of the road." .. So what does that mean? That means this guy knew of my presence and still didn't cared.

"So what if I was on the wrong side? I turned back to get the lot because I know if I had left the carpark, it would seem like I was giving it up."

"But you are on the wrong direction. I was looking for a lot upstairs too."

WTF is that kind of excuse??? I could have gone upstairs too, but since you left this carpark and went to the one up the freaking slope, you mean we expect to know you are waiting for a lot here??? This bugger was really getting on my nerves and he's obviously not planning to budge. We were both not giving in, and at this point, another person was driving out of a lot. So, instead of wasting my time on this asshole, ...

"I thought you could be a reasonable person, but since another lot is available now, I am not going to waste my time. And I'm sorry..." So I whipped out my camera, and took pictures of his car.

This guy was still in the car when I tried to take the picture, but my stupid camera phone was in "movie" mode, so I had to change the bloody mode while I tried taking the photos again. He definitely knows that I was trying to take picture of his car. But he didn't cared. I missed taking his face damn it, but i don't think I would want to stoop so low as to shaming him. Why why why do I have to deal with such asshole 1st thing in the morning??

So any brothers and sisters out there who sees this guy, send him my regards, and let him know that he's such a disgrace to Singapore.


Andy said...

Don't sweat the petty things...and don't pet the sweaty things.

Fighting pettiness w/ more pettiness never ends up well mate.

Anonymous said...

you did your part, now let karma take care of the idiot.

i came across someone like that once. the asshole died in a car accident a few days later. i saw that in the papers.