Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MM Lee and the rest of PAP are out of line

MM Lee said before ... citizens are like children, if they are out of line, they must be put in their place. It doesn't say anything about the possibilty of adults standing out of line. And I seriously think these people running our country is not just out of line, they are also out of touch with reality. Using fuzzy logic to justify their pay rise ... and what's so absurb is that even after so much uproar, they still have the cheek to keep go ahead with their pay hike.


They just keep giving me more reasons to vote them out. Only problem is they do not allow everyone (and me including) to vote using some ridiculous system of breaking our tiny state into even tinier GRCs.

Bad economy must pay more to retain talents .. good ecomony must pay more cos our talents deserve it .. if this is not daylight robbery i dunno wat is? You know what, these talents I'd rather not have. I love Singapore, but it is the government that makes me hate it. Day by day, they are just giving me more reasons to leave this homeland where they treasure people who works for the dough and not for the love of the people. And if you ask me, no ... more money does not make one less greedy ... corruption still occurs with more pay (NKF???) and the government still using this justification for their pay hike shows how short their memory is.

PUI!!! (Spit!)


sieteocho said...

You may not know this, but I like to touch myself.

I support minstral pay increase. No one can win me in ahgillment. You are stupid. Your post is stupid. You don't even know how to spell. No one can stand against the weight of my interlect. I read alot.

I, the sieteocho.

Grievous said...

Well written, critic. Though we didn't see eye to eye previously on the matter of 'Boot Camp' and got off on a wrong footing, I agree with you on this. Unfortunately the opposition has abandoned the GRCs in western Singapore entirely and I have never gotten for vote for at least 3 elections.

PS: I thought intellect is spelt with two l's, so you can ignore that troll. :)