Monday, April 23, 2007

Miss Singapore finalist say ...

Last night one of the Miss Singapore finalist was asked something like "Should there be laws governing blogging?". She said "I think there shouldn't because blah blah blah .... But there are some irresponsible bloggers out there ... there should be laws against irresponsible bloggers...". Hhahahhah ... it is funny how much of an impact blogosphere has on the mindset of people these days. This kinda of "yes and no" answer gives us a glimpse into what was going through her mind as she was answering the question (in an almost quivering and unsure manner).

What i suspect is going through her mind as she is giving her answer:

"Woah lau ... ask me shitz like that"

"I don't agree lah! So many bloggers will skewer me on tomorrrow if I said yes"

" oops ... I just said but .. but i forgot .. this Singapore TV .. siao liao ... sure kena blackmark by gahmen one ..."

"Siao liao .. Singapore Gahmen so powerful sure monitor the TV one .. say yes tomorrow they sure check my anti-government rants on my personal blog ..."

"I better do some reversal ... better do some recovery ... ah yes!! .. there are irresponsible bloggers ... ehehhhe"

"Ooops ... I stuttered .. shit .. keep smiling ..... look confident!!"

"Narbey ... this is the most difficult answer I ever had to give in my life!"

"Oh no ... now I contradicted myself .. did I just say we need laws for irresponsible bloggers?"

"Alamak .... better shut up ... cut my losses... pple clap liao .... keep smiling ...."

As she's walking away back towards audience ..


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Sivasothi said...

Heh-heh, so funny! Poor girl; I am not sure a government spokesmen might have done any better though!