Sunday, April 09, 2006

Media firms need to progress

Recently was just shopping at Sembawang randomly checking out some CDs. Was just looking at some China imported CDs and thinking to myself, damn, these guys are cheap. Well of course not as cheap as the real pirated stuffs, these are more like parellel imported CDs that are not "legal" by the distributors definition. Sigh ... after so long, these media companies still think that we're living in the 60s. The world is getting smaller and the rules of how the market used to work needs to be revised. It still saddens me to see those stupid region codes on DVDs creating so much problems for customers these days who are so much more "international" than before. Don't they realize that in the process of planning so many versions of their discs to "maximize profits" in the different regions, those profits are being eroded by the ease of customers these days have access to products from different parts of the world now. And not to mention the kind of money that they have to pay for research and development for things like DRM, DeCSS and the lawyer fees from tracking and suing people around that world for cracking the codes.

Note to media companies: Move on with the times.

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