Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apple Sets Up a Bootcamp!!!

Oh this is big news .... So bloody big. Apple now officially supports dual booting feature on their intel macs onto windows!!! Of course, they claim that they do not support windows of course. But really, aren't the rest of the PC makers out there the same - they will help u with the drivers on their machines, but if u have problems with windows, they'll ask u to call Microsoft anyways. ;)

I spoke to some PeeCee users about this, and one of them had this to say, "ah Apple finally had to give in to Windows. They have to acknowledge the fact that they can't survive without Windows." Man this person is so not getting it. And I afraid lotsa PeeCee heads are thinking the same. Apple do not need Windows to survive. They are now using Windows as a trojan horse to lure PeeCee users over to the mac. Hey if you wanna get a mac machine just to run crappy windows, Apple don't care - since you'll be paying them the cash, and you'd need MacOS to be installed to enable the dual boot anyways. ;)

Also, we get some people discussing how MacOS will now be as vunerable to viruses now that it "supports windows". Shit are people so stupid?? Almost all viruses are not "cross platform", and that's why they will not affect the MacOS! And some pple are also discussing "luckily the file system is different, so the viruses will not cross over so easily yet". WTF??? Do they even know what the hell are they talking about?? Unless a virus is cross platform, it will not affect the mac side! Why?? It is the same reason why a PC game will not work on the Mac unless it is compiled for it!! It is not because of the bloody filesystem! And the same people who thinks MacOS running on an Intel chip will make the MAcOS susceptible to virus attacks, needs to go for some computer classes before they write for any tech magazine or newspaper.

In the end, this is a great great move for Apple - and MS too. Afterall, MS makes money on every copy of Windows installed on a Mac, and Apple will also make money for every Mac sold. Many people are seeing this as Windows infiltrating Apple, but what they do not see, is that Apple is now the only Windows PC supplier in the world, that sells machines that can run the coolest OS in the world - The Mac OS.


Darth Grievous said...

There's a joke among some PeeCee users - as you called them - "What's the big deal with Boot Camp anyway? It's always been there on WindowsXP since it's grandfather NT. It's called boot.ini." That's for all that about Windows95 = MacOS in 1986. Bwaghahahah..

Windows might be crappy but it's strength lies in the amount of things that's already been built on it and not on its own.

Either way, no PeeCee user is so dumb as to think Apple needs Microsoft or Windows to survive. And while 'Boot Camp' might be a good move which will be a big thing for Apple's bottom line, the reality might just be this: Even if Apple doesn't care how a user uses its product, in the end the Mac will become just another Wintel Clone. And there's really nothing superior with the Mac's hardware. After all it's been implementing the innovations from the PeeCees for a long time -> PCI, AGP, and perhaps even SDRAM, all in the name of upgradability and scalability.

That's not forgetting it went on to sue a PeeCee Clone maker called e-Machines or something when it came up with a iMac looking PeeCee. So much for innovation and the freemarket, I suppose.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

erm Mr Grevious ... I doubt you know what you're talking about. Boot.ini does not do what bootcamp does. Not even close. Bootcamp is more akin to the "Boot manager" on PCs and Boot.ini is more akin to config.sys and autoexec.bat on DOS.

And Mac's just another PC? Yeah .. a better looking PC that runs MacOS. The crown jewels about Apples have always been 1) the Mac OS (not the machines, the Operating system) , 2) their industrial design (hardware design for you) and 3) their strength in designing easy to use interfaces for both hardware and software.

PCI,AGP, SDRAM whatever, Macs had them all looong loong time ago. Now they have the same hardware as regular PCs does not make them lousier than before - it just makes them easier to compare software wise.

And suing a PeeCee company for copying their design of hardware is called protecting their IP. Sorry, but Apple is a leader in industrial design, and they have a right to protect their innovation not just in software, but also in their design of their hardware too. You think it is a coincidence that every hardware manufacturer started using transparent plastics the moment the original iMacs appeared? Or "creative technology" started coming out with ipod looking MP3 players? Why didn't they stick with the nomad's original design?

Darth Grievous said...

Dear Mr Yee-Wei-Chai,

Actually no. Boot.ini is the little file that comes out on start that ask you if you want to boot to a alternate OS. While it doesn't assist you in installing an alternate OS, it does 'manage' which OS you boot on start. So it's a boot Manager too, technically.

And as to the Mac having PCI,AGP, SDRAM whatever - allegedly all looong loong time ago - That's not what I have been reading (or perhaps my Internet is from an alternate universe). AGP and PCI IS a PC invention and the Mac incorporated it. AGP came out right around the time between the transition between the Pentium and the P-II. PCI came out around the transition between the transition between 486 and Pentiums. Was there a Mac with these stuff before AGP and PCI becomes a common feature on PCs? I suppose you are an expert on Macs so show me.

And since you said the Mac's superiority lies in the MacOS, the fact that Apple even bother to come up with Boot Camp if not as a means to simply boost sales.

Anyway, I am not here to debate the which computer (or OS) is superior. My point is that there's nothing to hype about this (except that you would have made a cool $3 - $4 per share off Apple last night on the NYSE due to the euphoria). I am just saying that to say that the Mac is superior (or for the PC-heads to say that the Mac is inferior) is a fallacy. Superior design or no, the rest of the 90+% of the world do not use the Mac. Call the rest of the 90+% uncool, dumb, idiotic whatever, but no matter what a Machead want to make himself look like, a geek by any other name is still a geek. Linux or even HP-UX users may think of themselves as cool too but what the heck. :)

Now, 'protecting IP' as a excuse for monopolistic business practices is so lame. From banning Real Media's Harmony from loading songs into the iPod to suing e-Machines over a design - a design is patented? I haven't see automobile makers, or even dish producers, suing one another silly - Apple has not shown itself to be a lea-duh, but a scared little, insecure company that's pure hype and nothing else. It has proven itself no better than Microsoft.

Incidentally, Creative happens to own the patent for the interface to their own portable music players. So what with that 'Why didn't they stick with the nomad's original design?' comment?

Anyway, I have no idea what's the fuss behind just another piece of technology. A computer - be it a blend Wintel clone or a funky Mac - is just a piece of hardware and it's a matter of choice which one we want to use. 'Macheads' as some called Mac users, should stop bashing someone over the head with it.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

I think I understand why you're getting all flared up now ....

Obviously, you do not know how to read properly or just feeling hyper sensitive. I am talking about stupid PeeCee users and tech writers who made those comments that are stupid, and no where did I mention that PeeCee users are stupid by using Windows. If you are making shit up in your head as you are reading my post, then take your BS somewhere else and rant. Don't make crazy accusations with things made up in your head.

And dude, I never said Apple invented those "PeeCee" innovations. I just said Apple had them for a long time since they were introduced too. In fact, USB and Wifi really took off only after the Mac implemented it. And yes, Pentium, Pentium II and 486 are a long time ago.

Dude, read my bloody post again. I was writing about Windows users who makes those silly and stupid claims about Windows viruses affecting the Mac side. Who's the one starting an OS debate? not me .. it seems like it is all in your bloody head.

Man just read!!!!! Gosh ...

And yes, you are right there's no fuss about Macs, but hey, I am just here talking how much I love the Macs, if you don't like it then bugger off. This move by Apple is HUGE considering their history. I've used PCs, sold PCs, administered PCs and fixed PCs since DOS 5. I've used almost all PC Oses under the sun including OS/2. And I love the Mac. Sorry, but I have the right to love it. And I didn't bash Windows. You just assumed I did. If you think you have to own 90% of the world to be a smarter user, then you should start thinking somemore.

PS. And no I didn't make $3-4 off the AAPL stock last night .. I made more than that :P ... ahahhahahha.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

Oh and I forgot ...
Dude ... please do your research on boot.ini before you come and make crazy claims about what it does .... Grrrr ....

The fact I do not say I love Windows, does not preclude my ignorance about it or what it can do.

Darth Grievous said...


I apologise for offending you. Congratulations for making more than $3 - $4 per share off Apple. Any trader could have done that over the past one week with a share on a roller coaster.

Let me get a few things clarified:

1. I didn't make the accusation that you called any PC users stupid. I don't know how you get that idea. I did say in my comments Mac users CAN go ahead. Either way, I have seen many Mac bigots (you NOT included) who would do so on a jiffy.

2. I also didn't accuse you of making the comment that Mac invented PCI and AGP. What I did say was it must be acknowledged that no matter the alleged superiority of Mac, many Mac users - you NOT included - apparently failed to acknowledge Apple has over the years INCORPORATED PC advances.

3. I have not assumed that you bash Windows (or Windows users). I am making the statement that many Mac users (you NOT included) does that.

4. I dispute that Wifi and USB took off only after the Mac implemented it. Simple: Statistics. There are simply just more NON-MAC users and without them using these technology. No take off (read: FIREWIRE). Either way the RS-232 is an obsolete technology in need of a successor and USB is there to fill it.

5. There is no doubt Boot Camp is a good move. It can boot Linux too and bring Mac more into the mainstream :)

6. I have no issues with you loving the Mac. I apologise again if I gives you the idea I despised that.

7. Our definition of what a 'Boot Manager' differs. If we get down to semantics it would be a waste of time.

In conclusion, let history settle this matter. We can all talk and even diss one another and it doesn't really matter until the realities has come to pass pertaining to the matter of Apple's "Boot Camp".

What really matters is whether this translates into more Apple sales. And if Apple overtakes Lenova, HP and Dell in computer sales, what else is there better to prove that you are right?

passer-by said...

I enjoyed the mini debate, and I'm afraid to admit I think Mr Darth Grievous had been more civil than Chai.. when Chai said that Mr Grievous flared up, I'm afraid I only felt one person flaring up and that is Chai. I love macs, even tho' I'm a pc-user, so I don't take sides. Chai.. cool off..

Anonymous said...

wow ... can't believe there are so many stupid PC users out there who makes stupid arguments about things that they don't know ...