Saturday, April 29, 2006

Everyone goes to vote!!

So the election is upon us ... and we're off to vote for who should be in our government, and who's not. Oh but then, not everyone gets to vote, only those who's GRCs are being contested. So I guess only those who happens to be in a GRC where PAP has to put up a fight, do they get a chance to voice your opinion.

So how's the rules for this election? Fair? No way, cos even PAP said so, that there are no level playing field, in politics. MM Lee said that there are no ruling party in the world that would actually try to provide advantages for their opponents. I do agree with MM Lee for this statement. Take for example in a football match (the Real football, or soccer for u americans), the richer teams can afford to "buy" better players, and afford better coaches etc. It doesn't make sense to say, hey, let's give some of our opponents a better chance by giving them a portion of our earnings.

However, I find it a little odd when the rules for the game are being set by the ruling party to begin with. You don't see the umpire or referees of any games being owned by the teams? You don't see the match's rules being decided by the reigning champions. So who makes the rules for how the election is being held in Singapore? PAP? But I would dare say, not entirely. I would say it is history that makes them make decisions/rules the way they are today. You see MM Lee and many of the MPs using history as the reasons why certain rules must be kept the way they are.

Well, they are not wrong in the way they came to that decision. Though do I agree? I don't. Can I say anything about it? The PAP's method of shutting people up would be, "do you have a better idea?". So if I don't have a good idea, I should shut my mouth up. If I think I do, what are the ways I could voice it? Let me look at my options:
1) Write to the ST forums, and pray that they do not censor you?
2) Put up a blog. Only if you register with the government and get it approved?
3) Raise it at those MP Feedback meetings?
4) Join the opposition party?

The methods above are highly regulated and watched and thus I dare say the barrier to entry to voicing an opinion on how our country is run is high. Regular people like those in kopitiam, who wants to voice a opinion can only keep it within the kopitiam. However, the governent would be happy to have it kept within kopitiams. But would they be able to hear it? Nope .... Younger people, do not hang out in kopitiams like the previous generations. The younger generations of Singaporeans communicates and hang out with their friends through this medium called the internet these days. And chatting programs, online forums and blogs are arguably the electronic kopitiams of the younger generation. However, even that is being regulated by our government.

It almost seem like the government is making it very very hard for anyone to openly talk about any opinions about the government without "getting their permission". This is very very unhealthy for the society.

Not too long ago, MM Lee held an "open discussion" with a bunch of 30 year olds (media people, journalists) on TV and after watching it, I feel it was quite an useless exercise for both parties. As a "young" Singaporean, I didn't walk away convinced by PAP's "best" representative. Not to say I was impressed by my peers who were represented on the show as well. But the fact was that, it clearly marked the "generation gap" between the ruling party and young voters. It seemed that PAP didn't end up convincing the young people on the show that they are the best thing for our country today, and the young ones didn't put up too strong a fight either.

But at the end of it all .... after all the campaigning and the selling of their "go yo" (chinese medicine), we voters will get the chance to voice ours choice. For young people like me, the blog would be the best place to share my thoughts about who I think should win or not. But I can't since they would lock me if I did so without registering. But then again, is this posting even political? What would consitute a political blog?

So ... I guess the only way to voice it, is through my/your votes. So I am here to urge everyone, regardless of what you think who will win, let this be your chance to voice your opinions. Please not just think of what "go yo" the party that's fighting in your GRC is promising you. Please think in terms of the nation's well being too. Though the GRC system has forced people to think in terms of the tangibles for their GRC, and not in terms of the welfare of the entire naton itself, I hope everyone would think in a broader manner. This is your only chance to make your voices be heard. If you do not make any action, it would be 0% votes. But remember, at a 5%, 10%, 25% or 49%, though it is a minority, would still constitute a signal - all it takes, is your vote to make that signal be represented.

But alas, I can't vote even if I wanted to ... cos my GRC is not being contested. So much for the "General Election". Guess my vote can't count even if I wanted it too. ;P


Bitchy Witchy said...

Trust you to come up with this...hehe. And lucky me, I get to vote...

Lings said...

My sentiments exact!
but unfortunately, almost everyone I speak to is brainwashed - "Or else the lightning god"
Is it naivety, ignorance or fear?