Sunday, April 09, 2006

董沁, 野百合·春天- Chinese Jazz Recommendation

Was in Sembawang music, just randoming shopping for CDs while waiting for a friend. I picked out a CD from the rack which interests me, some Chinese Jazz CD, titled 野百合·春天 (which was actually a old chinese tune which I haven't heard in a long time). The singer was 董沁 (pronounced "qin4"). Ok, the cover wasn't exactly the nicest, and it really look like some Cheap Cover artist thing.

This guy came up to me and asked me if I wanna test it. Think they are learning a thing or 2 from That CD shop.... Anyways, I was a little relunctant since I wasn't really planning on getting anything. He keep reassuring me "hey it is ok... really ok no problem, can test one" and as he said those words, his hands were busy ripping the shrinkwrap and taking out the CD. Win already lor. I see him wasting the shrinkwrapper, I also paiseh not to buy liao.

But hey, upon taking a listening, oh damn this is a hidden gem. The songs were remakes of old chinese classics in a jazz style. Chinese Shanghai-nese artistes seems to be re-igniting a Jazz renaissance and this is one of the best recordings I have heard. There are 2 Teresa Teng's songs in there, and Dong Qin's rendition is so very sincere and it did in someway reminded me of Teresa herself, but with a modern twist. Crisp vocals and excellent pronounciation. And the price is very reasonable too. Highly recommended. Couldn't find it at many places. Try Sembawang Music.

Highlighted Tracks:

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Claytz said...

Thanks for the rec - will have to check this out when I return to Sing ;)