Thursday, December 22, 2005

Whining about issues - Wake up Singaporeans!!!

This is a classic case of Singaporeans whinning and complaining about an issue they have and after weeks of discussing the problem, everyone just expects someone else to freaking do the complaining/job/followup/action for them. WTF!!?! Hey guys wake up!!! This the reason why SG will not go anywhere if the people just plaing "BOCHAP". This attitude has got to change. Complaining is one thing and acting upon it is another. It doesn't just apply to this Nintendo DS connection issue, but also to life in general. You think why Bungkok train station took 2 years to open? Cos only the freaking MP is doing the complaining. What is Singaporeans attitude?? Whine whine whine .. and expect MP to do the job for them cos "we pay tax"??? Fucking hell wake up!!! Write letters!!!! Hoardes and SHIT of them. Gather and go and approach the problem givers and show them we are united. Narbey scared kena police catch u? Then freaking do a peaceful protest!!! Or just keep making calls!!! Everyone does it ... pressures will be felt. If everyone keep thinking "useless one lah","nothing will happen one lah". Then yes!! .. NOTHING WILL EVER HAPPEN ON ANYSIDES!!!!

Below is the latest exchange I have with Singnet and I posted in anyone whishes to copy this to other Singapore gaming sites please do so.

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Ok Guys, I have emailed Singnet about this issue again, and they actually called me back to follow up on this issue of Nintendo DS users not being about to connect and play wifi games if they are on Singnet Broadband. And guess what, they say I am an isolated case cos NO ONE contacted them about this problem. they say so far, I AM the ONLY PERSON THEY HEARD COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS.

I am getting rather miffed about this cos hey guys wake up, if you guys got a problem with this and refuse to call Singnet to let them know that a few hundred or tens of thousand of us have this problem and expect 1 or 2 of us to do the job for you, they are not going to care. Here's the email and the support number is Tel: 1800 - 8486933 (8am - 12mn). Email and let them know about this. I am not on Game Axis so if someone could post this message to them and ask everyone to get their asses off regarding this issue it would help tremedously.

Remember, whining about it and not doing anything about it will not solve the issue. Wake up fellow Singaporeans. Stop acting like lazy donkeys and start calling or emailing them.

The thing they want me to help find out for them now are 2 things which with my limited technical skills I am unable to.
1) What is the port this server "" is using for gaming and communication.
2) What is the IP address of the server.

If anyone could help out, please please please do something about this!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm sure you can go organise a "peaceful protest" without getting yourself arrested, recorded, and have a record forever. I dare you, all talk no action.

for this, i think its more of "scared of the consequences" that leads to "no use one lah...." attitude.

Yee-Wei Chai said...

Idiot ...READ THE FUCKING Post .... I said if scared to get arrested, write letters or make phone calls! Daring people is that all you know what to do? All talk no action? Ever heard the pen is mightier than the sword? You dare not even reveal your name you wanna dare someone.

Divulge your name u anonymous freak. Or just shut the fuck up and stay away.

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yo, take a deep breath and CALM DOWN! Stop jumping up and down already...Singaporeans still have to be prodded to act correctly and you getting all bothered is not going to work. In the case of the passive people, we have to act instead.

ginny said...

you live in sing? me 2. how old r u?

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