Friday, December 02, 2005

Execution Nguyen

So its been done. Nguyen was hung on 2nd Dec Morning. I spoke to many Singaporeans and these are some quotes:

1) It's about time.
2) He deserved it.
3) Walau, everybody knows drug trafficking in SG is death what! Even the plane announce so clearly.
4) You know the amount of drugs he carry can harm how many people?

Ok. The 4th response was probably the strongest to supporting the death sentence in SG. I do not deny how true that statement is. Drugs has destroyed many people's lives and governments all over the world work hard to stop its proliferation. SG just has a harsher, tougher stance on the issue. Death is the result, and it doesn't matter how u get associated by it.

But the first 3 kind of responses are the reason people from other countries see Singapore as unfeeling, inflexible and arrogant. I say Singaporeans are calling for his blood, and many claim I am being too exaggerating. But given the kind of tone that we carry with the statements made, is it not true? And I believe, a certain amount of pride has to do with all this. A nation under scrutiny, will rebel and stand up against the attacks. Maybe if Australian media did not come down so harsh with its criticism on Singapore, the Singaporeans wouldn't have behaved so "unfeelingly".

I do wonder, if the SG government should "reverse" its stands and provide clemency for Nguyen, would the nation balked at the leaders calling them double standards? Or would the people still stand by the decisions of the leaders? Of course these are just speculation. I always see Singaporeans as not having a mind of their own, always following what the government says and decide. So I would always imagine "what if" scenarios happening.

I am not a proponent for "Death penalty". I do not see it as a means to any end. But of course this is my opinion. Readers who do not agree with me please do not bother to comment on this. I do not wish to partake in arguments about "who's gonna pay for feeding these murderers?", "let's see if your mother is murdered" or stuffs like that. I've heard enough of such arguments. At the same time they are valid, I do not feel that they invalidate my own stand. I treasure life too much to see more lives being destroyed for any causes. Maybe for drugs, other than using death penalty as the only way to deter drug trafficking, we should develop some sort of magic formula that can cure addiction? Just wishful thinking ...

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Unless you have three eyes. Then you'll probably be alright."
-Mahatma Gandhi


Anonymous said...

"He deserved it".

Who are we to play god.
What I found shocking about the case was that protestors were only able to go two by two. What information do Singaporeans have about the death penalty?

I am surprised this blog exists

Anonymous said...

It is true. This hanging has affirmed the stereotype of Singaporeans being barbaric, 3rd world mentality, sheep.I read this blog and found it when I was googling for some alternative points of views.

John Howard has one thing right, this hanging has soured people to people relations. I am Australian and this has definitely brought out a side to my Singaporean friends that I wish I had never seen.

They are so cold hearted and can only think within the square - yes, we must kill him so we don't have drugs in our country.

What about thinking about creative solutions?
Drug education, getting people to think for themselves,

Are Singaporeans so primitive that they need such absolutes? It's like a teacher punishing a primary school child - whereas for older children, there are more grey areas.

And if someone argues, these are "Asian Values" - please don't. I am Asian.

Is there no compassion in Asian culture?
Are people capable of individual thought? Or have successive governments been so punitive when people try to think for themselves, it's easier to give up and go home, shop, make more money.

Anonymous said...

I think the comments display an unjustified self-righteousness. but you can't really blame them. this is what the sg press churns out all the time. like Sg has top airport, respected press etc etc.

It's a good thing Singaporeans are so uncorrupt, moral and blameless. Probably helps with the swift dispatch of a human life.

Anonymous said...

singapore has let off drug traffickers on death row a few times. due to pressure from "outside influence"

but why is that never mentioned ever in SG newspapers.

why do SG people blindly follow what the papers tell them. or do they think that the gov is that transparent?

why is this case that much bigger than the others? is SG just trying to show that they have a backbone? or do you believe the media really killed his clemency chances?

viciouscycle said...

Hmm. Apparently Nguyen's brother himself is a convicted drug trafficker. And he went on being a runner himself supposedly to "save" his brother for the legal costs incurred.

Have you seen how easy it is to buy drugs in Australia? Do you know how many people OD every night because of drugs? The number of lives it hurts. The number of ambulances getting despatched at the expense of taxpayers money because someone has collapsed from drugs misuse. Why because of all these drugged out people who need to upkeep their addiction resort to other means of getting more money.

Singapore has a law. It's been here for ages. It wasn't created overnight when he came into the country. Play russian roulette, pay the price if your luck is up. Much as I hate a life being taken away, respect the sovereignty of a country, especially when you're potentially causing the downfall of 26,000 other people.

Anonymous said...

what if your lugguge get planted with drugs...... i mean. your checked in luggage is not really with you the whole time, after you give it to the airport workers.....

death for you then?

Anonymous said...

yes. death to everyone who breaks the law

foolhardy said...

Anonymous said...

"Individuals are able to turn their lives around and are able to repent atone, seek forgiveneses. Pay a debt. human beings can change. These voices (who called for the death penalty) belong to people who do not understand that human beings can change, can move from a life that does harm to one that does good. If you build a world on so called vegeance and retribution you will build a world where some people will always take drugs because you build a world of unbearable harshness, people will take drugs to escape"
Listen to what the priest said.
I'm not religious, but I'm beginning to think perhaps the answer is in the teachings of Christ. Where else is there an excuse for compassion in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

its only when things happen that we realised how important and wrong it is to violate the law. delivering such harsh punishment is the only way to drill everyone in the head that drug trafficking is certainly NONO AND ILLEGAL.

i dunno. crimes and breaking the law in a way help to maintain law and order in a country. a nation's gotta think of itself and its citizens.

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