Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sexy Punggol 21+!!!

After reading NMP Eunice Olsen's exciting take on PAP's "ohh so sexy new plans" for Punggol 21, I can imagine all the possibilities already!!

- My neighour's sexy hot wife is so making me wanna procreate!!!!!!!
- That afternoon when i saw them sunbathing in their sexy bikinis at the new estate makes me so wanna bang my wall!!!!
- The sexy legs of the aunties walking to the market to buy veggies make me so bloody turned on I wanna rush to the public toilet and jerk off!!!
- My jealous friends who are living in their uninspiring, loser Ang Mo Kio "HoodDB" can only come and visit me and drool at such an inspiring neighbourhood I got here.
- Their envious eyes laying upon my neighbours' suddenly acquired SEX APPEAL after moving to this neighbourhood, makes them wanna move here with their "se kor" ("mouldy"/"Boring") wives so they can be imbued by Punggol 21+'s extraordinary re-sextification affect!!
- Women after moving to Punggol 21 will have smoother skin and bigger breasts ...
- Men who moved to Punggol 21 will increase the size of their manhood and confidence level ...
- Punggol 21 will make them increase their Pride in the community !!!
- Naughty kids who come to this neighbourhood suddenly become so disciplined and well mannered, it makes me so wanna make a few of my own!!!
- Homosexuals who come to Punggol 21 will realise in no time their sinful ways ... and suddenly turn heterosexual and quit having unnatural sex!!! They can finally properly procreate!!!
- Couples who had lousy sex lives will have them rejunvenated in the inspiring neighbourhood of Punggol 21!!
- Heterosexuals kissing, fondling and making out on the streets! Cos they can't contain their love for one another!!!!
- Neighbours exchange their spouses to strengthen their neighbourhood's sense of community!!!
- WOW!! .. Thank you PAP!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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Bitchy Witchy said...

Ooo..I feel the vibe! Maybe we should ALL move to Punggol and have wild orgies there...