Thursday, August 23, 2007

More ERP Gantries!!! extended hours!!

It is a trend ... prices are going up.... Hospital Wards, GST, MRT, Heck even my bloody country club membership monthly fee went up a whopping 20% 1 month after i acquired it ... talking about good timing .... and soon my cashcard will be sucking more cash from me too cos the bloody gantries will be extending their hours and they are adding more gantries to suck even more cash from my cashcard ...
LTA Press Release

LTA says "Traffic congestion affects the quality of life and the environment as well as the overall efficiency and productivity of the economy. ... The ERP is a key tool for managing congestion ...."

if their sole purpose is to curb congestion .. why dun they rebate and reward drivers for driving less than a certain mileage per year and use public transport? They should use a "reward" system versus a "punish" system to encourage since when you "punish" a person, that person will be unhappy since he will have to spend more money. And since people become unhappy as their money get suck out of their wallet as they rush to work, how can the quality of life improve? :D .. ehehheh

So government, why not do a rebate system to reward the drivers who drive less or better still, use the public transport since it can also help improve air quality and also help reduce carbon output, reduce global warming ... blah blah



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kel said...

The worst is they set up the gantry at BKE to penalise you if you still want to use it between 7-9, and those who dn't want to go by BKE will travel by Bukit Timah road, and to prevent Bukit Timah Road from congesting, they have also set up a gantry. So.... where are we suppose to drive to go to work? Jam up both roads between 6am to 7am to save money and then allow them to extend the hours again?? Or are we suppose to go to work 3 hours earlier than necessary and waste our quality time sitting at our desk waiting for everybody else to go to work?
Or are we suppose to drive to woodlands then SLE, KJE, TPE, CTE to go to work?

And if you do wish to pay for the ERP, you have to pay 3-4 times erp for us people staying at Bukit Panjang and you work at Orchard or Shenton way. ERP @ BKE, ERP @ PIE, ERP @ Scotts road, ERP at Dhoby Ghaut. so we pay roughly $10 to the gov everyday to use the road we use our tax to build?