Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Urgent. Looking for actors/rooms/suggestions.

Hello guys and girls,

Just desperate and so trying my luck here. Please forward this to who you can find who will be suitable for these roles.

I am looking for 2 male actors in the following

Age: 25-32 (can be younger, just have to look that age)
Look: Well groomed. Not fat. Can be well built, but not body
builder type. Masculine type.
Requirements: Must be able to act relatively well. There will be a
tearing scene for both.

This is for a 5-7min short film. For a competition.

For a 1 day shoot. Very urgent need to find within this week.
Please call 96945061 and ask for yeewei to discuss fees.

2) Also, I am looking for a room with a queen sized bed that I can use for this shoot. For 1 day. I thought of hotel rooms but if I can get anyone to offer cheaply, it'll be good too. Any suggestions for hotel rooms also if there are?


Sylvia said...

Is this a "happy together" scene? *cough*

Johnny Malkavian said...
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jay paul said...

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