Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 86%

So I am not a reader of the books thus any readers hoping for me to do any comparison with the text edition. Sorry, you won't get it here. I will see this movie, and rate it like a movie. How the story tells in a movie format, and whether it did its job well in the 157min that it ran. And I am glad to report, this is a winner. I have watched all 4 Potter movies so far, and I put this as the 2nd best following the first one.

Story: Harry Potter takes part in a Triwizard tournament, where 3 champions are chosen from 3 well respected Magic academies and put through some series of trials to see who emerges the winner. Well, 3 champions were chosen, along with Harry, who was supposed to be underaged and somehow got chosen into the contest by some mysterious chain of events. So the story unfolds the mystery and along with some best human dramas between teenagers written for these characters.

The best part of the Harry Potter series, is how magic creates a sense of awe and wonderment in the film, and I am glad to report that this one comes in spades and pailfuls. Won't reveal too much, but watch out for the creatures under the sea. And the plants ... and .. well just watch it. :) I keep wondering sometimes the kids in movie, I mean they are in their 4th year right? Why are they still looking amazed when something amazing happens. Don't they realize they are in a magic school?? But then I am watching the 4th movie in the series and I am still in awe. Well ... guess some kids just never grows. :)

This is also the darkest thus far along with "Azkaban", this installment has some pretty scary stuff and I wonder how kids these days take to them. Maybe they've seen so much crap on TV these days the monsters in this one really pales. But still, I personally feel some kids might be getting nightmares from Voltermort's return.

So my favourite part of the movie? The drama between Ron, Hermione and Harry is nicely fleshed out. I like the way how the ambiguity of feelings of them three kids are being displayed here. So much restraint, yet so much love between them all. This episode is the most complex yet in exploring how Hermoine feels for the all the other boys in the show. Then there's jealousy, friendship fallouts, bickerings and how you see teenagers start getting more complex as they turn adult. This is in full transition, and I look forward to see how they will eventually unfold in future episodes.

Well recommended!!!


Cowboy Caleb said...

You have been Tomorrowed


Sze Guan said...

Went to watch it yesterday. I don agree with you. I was rather disappointed actually. Why? Here are the reasons.

1) No xio gan scene between Ron and Harmonie
2) No xio gan scene between Harry Potter and the Cho asian babe
3) No kiss scene even
4) No xio gan scene between the french babes
5) Hairgrid and the tall girl only dance only, no kissing, no fucking
6) The bad guy at the end of the show look like he had a bad episode of rhinoplasty. I tot he quite humsum
7) Only show harry potter neah neah pok, no show ku ku jiao in the bath room scene.
8) No show the Sedric guy bath scene (he looks like young version of tom cruse btw.)
9) Never show the Ron touch the lady professor backside when dancing
10) Harmonie the dress not sexy enuff and she no wear push up bra. Sian.

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