Tuesday, August 26, 2008

unlocked iPhone on M1 or other networks

Well just wanted to share some tips and "settings" information for M1 users who are using the iPhone (or are thinking of using the M1 SIM card in the Singtel iPhone - like me ;) )

- Make sure u have signed up a "mobile internet" sunsurf plan .. or be prepared to have your bill shoot into the stratosphere (a SunSurf 22 with 1GB data at 3.6Mbps is only $22 with $10.70 per GB. Quite reasonable. Can activate online or over phone. Almost immediate activation)
- Make sure u got a 3G SIM card. If you are already using a 3G phone, more than likely you have a 3G SIM card. Your SIM card should also have the word "3G" on it. If not sure, call M1 at 1627 to check.
- In the "Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network>" Enter the following:
APN: sunsurf
Username: 65
Password: user123
And voila! ... you are done.
- to check your 3G is working properly, you may turn off "Wifi" ("Settings>Wi-Fi>Off"), and see if you can access the internet via Safari or App Store. You should see a 3G logo at the top right hand corner too when 3G is in use.

So here you go. If you are a lucky chap able to get an unlocked (all Singtel and some countries like Australia) iphone, here's how you get it to run on M1. 

*As for Starhub, I'm sure the tips above apply, except the data network APN, username and password would obviously be different. You can call Starhub for it. Other networks? Just make sure you get those cellular data APN,username and password right.


Anonymous said...

perfect tips! except that the 3G logo will appear at the top left :P

Yee-wei Chai said...

u are right :D ... the 3G logo should appear on the top left .. not top right :D

Anonymous said...

why issit necessary to upgrade to SunSurf or any other plan that allows for internet? can't u just use WiFi?

Kong Jin Jie said...

nice tips.. yes, although there is hotspots everywhere. but it good to be able to surf the internet and check your emails on the move. you can't be looking for a hotspot to start checking emails. i plan to get sunsurf22.... 1gb should be more than enough for me for regular checking of emails.. the price for unlimited plan ridiculous. $60+ with my subscription plan will add up to $100+... lol...

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! it works perfectly! :)

Anonymous said...

Aiya, you are better than M1. Cannot even reach them to check but your post solved the problem.

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