Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Singtel iPhone Pricing

Got this latest price leak from the Singapore mac users forums ...

Here's the new Singtel plans for the iphone coming in a few days

Three new data plans (all prices with GST)

iFlexi Value - $56 - 300 MB Data - 200 Mins Outgoing Voice - 500 SMS

iFlexi Plus - $95 - 500 MB Data - 500 Mins Outgoing Voice - 500 SMS

iFlexi Premium - $205 - 1500 MB Data - 1500 Mins Outgoing Voice - 1500 SMS

Additional data usage charged at 1cent for each 2KB extra. These plans also come with 3 value added services free (Voicemail, roaming and Caller ID)

Handset price (varies depending on the price plan)

Plan 8GB 16GB

iFlexi Value $348 (8GB) $508(16GB)

iFlexi Plus $49(8GB) $208(16GB)

iFlexi Premium Free(8GB) Free(16GB)

if you do not want to sign up for the above plans, and want to use your existing voice only plan and add the mobile on broadband plans, then the handset price will be more expensive and you will have to sign either a 24 month or 30 month contract

8GB - $568

16GB - $728

You cannot get the handset without any contract from singtel.

Oh and for those who are planning on taking the route of getting one and then terminating the contract, the penalty is $800!!!


So what are my thoughts?

If the above plans are true and they are not offering unlimited data, these are my conclusions:

- The person who set the pricing in Singtel is obviously a tech turd accountant. He/She probably doesn't even know why iphone is the big deal that it is ...

- they are insulting the intelligence of the customers here

- and those who will buy it are only justifying their cockiness and their actions

- we shld boycott Singtel's packages and make them suffer

- Thank God we have competition (M1 and Starhub should be able to offer their iPhones by Nov)

Update!! 20th-aug-2008
So the Real Prices and Plans have emerged!

Here's the real deal.

SingTel iPhone Price Plans

Free Incoming Voice Calls All Day
  iFlexi Value iFlexi Plus iFlexi Premium
Promotion Subscription $56/mth $95/mth $205/mth
FREE Local Data 1GB* 2GB* 3GB*
FREE Local Calls 200 mins anytime (outgoing) 500 mins anytime (outgoing) 1,500 mins anytime (outgoing)
FREE Local SMS 500 500 1,500
iPhone 3G 8GB $348 $49 $0
iPhone 3G 16GB $508 $208 $0
FREE Value-Added Services Caller ID1



SMS Plus1

Overseas Missed Call Alert
FREE Wireless Free Wireless@SG 512 kbps
Exclusive Benefits Top up $5.35 per month for TalkMore3, SMSMore4 or Free Unlimited V019 calls5
*Only for customers who connect/recontract to an iFlexi plan before 5th Sep 2008.

They have other iOne, ITwo, iThree and student plans which u can also subscribe to, but the above iFlexi plans are specially designed for the iphone. What you can notice is the largest difference are the amount of Data allowable are more generous. Not unlimited, but i am not sure 1GB, 2GB or even 3GB is enough for regular email and surfing use ... dun really track ... anyways ... i think i don't see why M1 or starhub can offer unlimited mobile 1Mbps internet at less than 20 bucks and Singtel can't offer something similar. Even if slightly more expensive, the unlimited data is what I would prefer over a faster Mbps for regular internet and email services. Heck i'll take 512kpbs unlimited over a data cap plan.


Anonymous said...

nice job on the price plans info. but i don't think the marketing team is insulting anyone's intelligence.. they are too smart for you to understand.

Yee-wei Chai said...

I am too stupid to comprehend their pricing u bet ...
but i am not stupid enough to bite it ...

I'll wait it out ... the best way to send any signal is with your money

KK said...

They are cashing in on the first mover advantage, the "stupid" people can buy now, buy november, expect all the telcos to provide on a reasonable price. I would do that if i were stinktel anyway.

Anonymous said...

In France Orange has the exclusivity, and same thing, there is a clause for early termination of the contract.

So SFR, another operator, is reimbursing its customers the offset of early terminating the Orange iPhone plan.

Anonymous said...

singtel sucks. that's all i can say. wait for m1 and starhub and lets have a price war!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure u got ur 'insider info'..woooo...but dun be a smart aleck.

nothing is confirmed till the official press release.

Anonymous said...

heard singtel is the sole telco here authorised to sell the iphone together with their plans.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why choose iphone? It sucks. so heavy. lousy cam. go for e71. no regrets.

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