Thursday, November 08, 2007

Loss of wisdom

This is me full of wisdom

This is my wisdom in all their "gory" ....

This is how I look 1 day after the surgery

Amazingly, there was hardly any pain. And even after the surgery, I felt totally fine and could even drive myself home if I wanted to. Went off to work right after the surgery and totally fine. I could even eat relatively normally. Even on the 2nd day, there was only slight muscle aching and no headaches or all the horror stories I heard from people. I had no GA and had 4 removed all in less than an hour. 3 of which had to be surgically removed cos they were still "buried". All these points to the fact that I had a great dental surgeon. Dr Myra Elliot, Mount Elizabeth, #04-04 Tel: 67346859. Highly recommended. And I am not paid to say this really. :)

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Bitchy Witchy said...

Are you still alive?! maybe you don't need happy pills cos your system already has them...damn you.