Monday, June 19, 2006

Superman .... Returns

Ok guys and girls ... have a few ideas for Superman returns ...

how many of you are interested in gathering to watch Superman Returns premiere?
310pm Marina GV ... Digital Cinema .. 28th June

I am going to get tickets .. and who's interested .. drop me an email at, and I am planning to buy the tickets real soon.

And another "Superman returns" night. Where we watch Superman 1 and 2, then we head to the theater to catch "Returns".

Propose the date and email me.

Update : Superman returns day ... Saturday 1st July
Watch Superman 1 and 2 from afternoon ... then break for dinner ... then head to watch "returns" night show.

:D ..... almost 8 hours of superman :P ....


Yuhui said...

Working day leh, cannot leave early.

Hmm, Superman 1 + 2 + returns = almost 10 hours of Superman!!! Wah! That's too much red+blue for me.

Bitchy Witchy said...

Superman day - where we'll OD on him and probably go super-blind, super-stoned and super-cheesy...oh wait, I already am... ;o)