Monday, June 12, 2006

The Omen - 84%

The 666 .. number of the beast .. Satan's Day blahblahblah ... it basically translate to ... a day for a good horror movie :) So how good was it? It was pretty mighty good I might say.

So what's the story about? A high ranking official's wife, had a stillborn and the he was persuaded by a priest to swap his dead baby for someone else's. Little does he know, that this baby was the son of the devil! (Dramatic music!!!) So well, and the story chronicles the "younger years" of the Devil's son, Damien.

What really works? The casting was excellent. The story is a little absurd, by today's standards that is. I mean, c'mon, how easy is it to convince someone to pick up someone else's baby with just words from a priest you have never met before. Wouldn't you at least have gotten his contact? But the acting from the amazing cast made it all believable. And comparing the older version with the new one, I would say the new version bettered the old one by being more "believable".

However, this also works against the movie. The problem is the actor Damien, is too well cast. You know he's the freaking devil the minute he appears. I mean, c'mon, right from the start! But the nice thing about the old version, was that throughout the film, you kept wondering, how could the little boy turned into the devil it suppose to be? You actually watch the film hoping that it will turn out to be the opposite. But this new updated version, damn you just want to kill the little boy the minute he appears. So in a way, there're no twists, and it is basically the old version with an updated look and tempo.

However, even if I did not watch the original, this movie would still have worked. The story was reasonably well told. The fact that he followed the original very closely, even using the same script, made the holes in the plot somwhat forgiveable as it made me think in 1970s mode.

But for a good June scare, this one's a good one to head to. ;)

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