Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Turn off the Volume for TV Mobile (Improving Singapore One Change At A Time)

Ok ... so I am on a roll here ...Here's another suggestion :)

Turning off TV Mobile's volume on SBS Buses. I know many people might like it loud and clear. But I guess it would have to come at the expense of those who would rather have some peace at quiet on the way to/from work/home.

Now how about those who really want the entertainment? There are some solutions.

Here comes the "choices".

1)Maybe for double decked bus, the 2nd deck is reserved for those who do not want the noise pollution? Or the 1st deck .. depending on the "demand".


2) TV Mobile could be made to subtitle all the programs.
This way, anyone can watch it and read the subtitles and still enjoy the show. Those who don't just look elsewhere. No noise, yet still entertains.


3) TV Mobile can choose to "broadcast" the sound to a specified "radio frequency" and thus allowing those with a portable radio to "tune in" and enjoy the sound via their earphones without causing annoyance to others! This can be done by either braodcasting it via a Wide area radio frequency or install a small radio transmitter in each bus with the TV.

Well ... with these little steps from SBS and TV Mobile, I believe it will benefit more bus passengers and eventually cultivate a nation who are more considerate and thoughful to other people's private space and peace of mind.


Yus said...

Option 3 has been implemented. I think the frequency is 87.9Mhz or some permutation of that.

Yee-wei Chai said...

Sweet :) .. then how come i dun see that on the buses??

Well all they have to do now is to create awareness and turnoff the noise! :D

Grace Toh said...

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