Monday, August 14, 2006

My friend says ..."Get this fucker on your blog"

Wow! ... It's been more than a month since I updated my site. .. Work work work ... so much things to do .. so little time ... always ..

Well well ... my friend sent this to me .. and told me to put it on my blog .. In her words:

"This is the pic of the fucker who occupies empty seats with his bag. When we asked if we can take the seats he gave us a fucker face. Can post on your blog or not?

Here's the story. 12 Aug Marina Sq Food Court. At 6. He's wif his wife. He unwillingly removed his bag when we asked for the seats"

So here is the "fucker"! :) ...


Darth Grievous said...

Well done. Good job.

Anonymous said...

I have found that Singaporeans tend to often use terribly strong language when they criticize people (and don't they do it a lot); to me this kind of language is wrong even in private conversations.

pass the message to your friend...

PS: I tend to wait for Singaporeans to ask before I remove my bag; simply because I wish that Singaporeans were opening their mouth more often to communicate with other people (how hard is it to to say "thank you" or "please"?)