Monday, March 06, 2006

Munich - 88%

Munich is a story about the 1972 terrorist attack on the Olympics soil (at Munich of course), targetting the Israelist Athletes. All of them were killed, but not all of the killers were brought to justice. Israel responded, illegally and covertly, by hiring a group of assassins to hunt down the 11 people who had a part in planning the attack. Story focuses on the leader of the group of 5 assassins, Avner, played by Eric Bana. And as the mission progresses, you observe how they start to question the legality of their actions and whether this act of revenge, was actually beneficial to them and the country that they love.

The Palestinians were depicted as they were, people who wanted a place of their own, and they will do anything for their faith. Ironically, with the Israelists counter actions, they are relegated to the same level as the terrorists they are fighting against. There's really no right or wrong answered here. There was only a question of whether violence is an effective way to get people's attention, or to end violence itself.

Avner was finally just a family man, and it was the only reason that saved him from being killed multiple times in the show. I will not give away too much, but this film contained one of the saddest love making scene ever shot - and that is not an easy achievement.

Bana is an excellent actor, and this film is a great showcase of his acting prowess. He is very well suited to act as characters with a heavy heart and a deep soul, just as he breathed life into the Hulk and made it a complex and dark character. He is a star to watch.

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