Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Internet Banking In Singapore SUCKS

I have put up with Singapore's lousy internet banking services for way too long.

Why does it have to fucking generate a fucking TAC # to your bloody cellphone in order to add a fucking Payee to your account!!??

Why internet banking has to be activated via a fucking ATM when it is Internet banking??!?! Or through a fucking form that you MUST MAIL, and not fax, not email .. and u can't even apply for it fucking online!! .. Then why call it Online banking!?!?!? WTF FUCK!?!??

Why do u have to fill up a fucking form to authorize a change of limit in your transferring of funds to and from your accounts??? Why go thru that when I can fucking log into my internet account securely!??! What is the fucking security for the internet banking login then???? And the form, HAVE TO BE MAILED??!!? NO FAX, NO email, NO other faster means?!?!? .. What's the fucking point of having internet banking??

Why do i fucking have to reset my password by heading to a ATM by mail, and not via the fucking internet?!?! Heard of email? Can't they fucking generate a random password to my personal email!!? Why do i have to fill up another FUCKING FORM??

What the FUCK are the banks obsession with forms when they want to move things online?!??! Fucking use their brain!?!? Learn from how the US banks (try out citibank man!) do it man and don't try to fucking reinvent the wheel and make a bloody mess out of it!! ...WORK SMART!!!! ... FUCKIN SHIT


Anonymous said...

because you are singapore. the land of rules and regulations. its the mentality of changing only with baby steps because people are scared of big changes.

to think that SG wants/wanted to be the IT/banking/financial hub of wherever with these standards. be glad that they didn't charge you extra for internet banking transactions. and they don't call you names for complaining about it. sorry its company policy...no its THE POLICY....

Guan said...


That y I do not bank with DBS or OUB. The only one that I will bank with is OCBC. They are the best of the lot.

The other alternative is Standard Chartered who I use. Their service is actually very good. I mean I rarely have to hold on the phone for more than 2 mins.