Monday, June 20, 2005

I LOVE it :)

This was a great weekend .... mainly cos I finished a wedding DVD for a friend and it was one of the prettiest. Man .. the look on their faces when they saw the DVDs, the packaging, the designs, the menus I LOVE it ...

That's why i love doing wedding videos. Yes it is pretty good money ... but it is also pretty hard work.

I hope I can keep doing this until I die.

There's this movie called "The final Cut". About an unknown future, where people can implant a certain chip in their brains (or their child's brain) and then at their death, have it reedited by a "cutter" into a "rememory" for friends and family to watch. Or even have it on their grave for people to watch. Very interesting, and me doing wedding videos for people, makes me feel like somewhat a "cutter" of some sorts. :) nothing morbid about weddings of course.

I am helping people to "rememorize" their weddings :)

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